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Real Love Ministries

Minister Eddie and Evangelist Desiree Hall

B. K.A.

"The Hall's"

The Hall's are the aspired visionaries of Real Love Ministries.  They were both born and raised in Miami, Florida.  Their educational backgrounds were completed in Miami, Florida and in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  The Hall's obtained their spiritual teachings and guidance at New Jerusalem In Its Power Holiness Church, under the leadership of Pastor Janie Davis. They also completed their Discipleship course at Trinity Church, under the leadership direction of Pastors Rich and Robin Wilkerson. They have been married for 18 years and are the parents of 4 beautiful children and 2 grandchildren.  The Hall's are genuinely known for loving God, each other and their family.  

Loving, Generous, Caring, Encouraging, Innovative along with their Creativity are just a few attributes that describe The Hall's.  God has given them a special gift that compels people into their environment with their lively, down to earth, comical personalities in which they are able to share the LOVE and GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST.  Their motto is: "LOVE NEVER FAILS".

The Hall's have seen some really dark and gloomy days in their lives.  They were on the verge of divorcing and destroying their family, but God had another plan for their lives.  In the midst of all the turmoil that was going on in their marriage, family and everyday lives, Evangelist Desiree Hall trusted God and answered the call of God to teach and preach his Word.  In 2003 the Lord spoke to Evangelist Hall to mentor and encourage young ladies.  At that time, REAL LOVE MINISTRIES was born. Despite the chaos that she was faced with in her own life, she committed and submitted herself to a life of Prayer, Praise and Worship unto GOD.  She began to pray and believe GOD without ceasing. She started a prayer group for others who were hurting and struggling, just as she had. She began to pray for families, marriages, addictions, and etc.  In the midst of her struggles, GOD began to move mightily on her behalf and Minister Eddie Hall surrendered and rededicated his life to GOD.  

Over the years, GOD has blessed them to travel and work together in ministry.  As He began to deal with them and their family, God shifted their ministry in a new direction.  He gave them the passion along with the compassion to encourage and minister to other married couples and families that were struggling. In 2010, God birth another ministry, a marriage ministry, called "Love Never Fails".  Since the birthing of this ministry GOD has done some amazing things in their lives. These amazing blessings reminded them that every struggle they went through was all INTENTIONAL.  God blessed them to be the visionaries of one of the largest Christian PROM NIGHT for Married Couples, entitled, "NIGHT OF PASSION". This Prom Night is an Anointed, Intimate, and Romantic night tailored made just for married couples.  Married Couples come from all over to experience this amazing night in the beautiful South Florida.  Due to their obedience to the Lord, God allowed them to continue to be a blessing to many marriages, families, entrepreneurs, ministries, and etc.  In 2011, God allowed them to experience another birthing of ministry.  On Saturday, July 23, 2011, their radio ministry was born, REAL LOVE MINISTRIES-"Love Never Fails" Radio Talk Show on South Florida's #1 Gospel Station AM 1490 WMBM/www.wmbm.com.  Their radio ministry blesses people all over the world.  They believe in spreading the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST and putting LOVE in Action.

Although many adversities may arise, REAL LOVE MINISTRIES will continue to move forward and stay focused on fulfilling every Purpose and Plan God has set for their lives.

"Love Never Fails"

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